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n. (toki pona) - communication, speech

A C# ActivityPub Fediverse-compatible server. Very early in development, probably never will be good enough for a huge instance.

I'm working on it as sort of a personal challenge, considering I've always wanted to implement the ActivityPub protocol.

I don't really plan on making a frontend (no design skills) for this, but it will support the Mastodon API set, so you'll be able to connect to it with any of your favorite Fediverse clients.


Toki contains the server & Web backend.

Toki.ActivityPub contains all of the ActivityPub related logic, like the models, and various resolvers.

Toki.ActivityStreams contains the ActivityStreams implementation.


  • .NET 8
  • PostgreSQL (as the database)
  • Redis (for the job queue)